Worm Moon March Moon – life is circular – here we go again

The moon has woken me

Through the double doors it shines


I could draw the curtain

Go back to sleep

But that seems a waste of illumination

We cannot hide from light

Neither the moons

Nor our own

Nor other people’s

I used to be all the time

Wanting to escape to a mountain top

Far away

Whilst it would be peaceful

It would also be a great impediment to growth

Our own subconscious is dark

Inexplicable to ourselves

We need the light of many

So we can stare into each soul

Like a mirror

Feel it reflect into our own

Define our missing pieces

What we need to work on more

Provides a thesis

To our purpose here on earth

The harshest critic has a kernel of truth

Every opinion

Holds wisdom

All people do

Their torches seek out our interior

Tell us things about ourselves

We would not otherwise know


Provoking the same response

We thought we were over

Growth is slow



Where ego takes us higher

The moon



Draw us back down

And casts our sins and simpleness

Time and again

Among the feet of others

Where we walk without shoes

Feeling the same sharp prickling

Of all humans

The same pains

The same path

Lit by her

The greatest mirror above

Bringer of light to the dark

Pulling tides behind her

Drawing growth from the ground

Our hearts

Especially when she is full

Scrying our depths, she reads us all

And if you’re quiet

She will tell you yours

Dredging old fears

History repeating

Tumble stones


Children at play

Cast them wide

Watch them fall

The moon knows everything

From when we were born

To how we will die

If we listen closely

She will tell us our greatest why

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