Ghost ships

There is a ghostly craft

That floats

Beyond the horizon

Carrying the cargo

Of all the choices

I did not

Could not


The older we grow

The more we unload


There is only one path we can walk this life

And only so much we can carry

Certain people, certain baggage


We bid farewell

As the swell

Carries other parts of ourselves

The ones that did not draw breath

But waited instead

For the shake of the head

Before sadly turning away

Picking up their tickets of leave

Ferried away to the ghost ship

All those lives I did not live


*Perhaps that’s why I love the ocean so much – it brings me closer to the other parts of self I wasn’t able to give life to.

Header photo – Freemantle Port taken a few years ago on a trip with Steve down south.

I’m changing up my Instagram and adding more of my own photography when time allows. Find me here

13 thoughts on “Ghost ships

    • I love swimming in it Len. We have a place we holiday – the waves can be wild and pick you up and dump you after throwing the body all over the place. There are wonderful look outs where the ocean stretches forever – it truly is immense.


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