The space between

A circle has no openings

No gate

To let synchronicity in

How circular are you being?

Life runs in patterns

So do humans

However, all too often we end up in a closed circuit

A circle


Same people

Same place

Same reactions

Same stance

Running on a track

We think is headed somewhere

But end up

Yet again

At the beginning



Magical lives aren’t circular

They spiral

Becoming ever larger


Becoming unlimited in potential

Spirals are powerful

Twisters can level cities

Tall trees grow from tiny seedlings

Harnessing the energy

Of spirals

The Fibonacci sequence fascinates science and artists alike

With the unique equations

Of the spiral

But really it comes down to this

The power of the spiral

Is that it contains space.


For fresh energy to enter

Build on the level below

And grow.

That space

Is the power

Of the spiral

And the lack of it

Is the weakness of the circle

When we juxtapose this image onto ourselves

Our lives

We realise

That we have to allow plenty of space

For other people (not just our usual circle) to join in

For other ideas (not just our own)

For other points of view



For entire chunks of unrelated matter to be taken into consideration

Again and again

And new insights gleaned

Or else we become shut down creatures of habit and small tight circles


And impenetrable

Incapable of growth

Closed circuits can only harness a certain amount of power and generate on a known scale

The Universe is unlimited

As are we

And once you harness the power of a spiral

Within your being …



A shattering occurs and you’ll never be the same again

Because you have become a spiral

(Just make sure it moves in the right direction and doesn’t become a locked circle again either)

#Space provides an entry point for power – magic needs the spiral. Evolution needs a spiral. The circle breeds entropy.

I had this realisation on the week-end watching some beautiful people dancing.

It’s become my leaping point for the week. Realisations are like that.


Sorry, I’m writing this at the beginning of the week but have just realised it won’t be posted until Thursday, when I could be in a whole other level! Have a good week regardless. X

7 thoughts on “The space between

  1. We humans love walking those familiar tracks, don’t we? : ) … but then, Circles become Sacred Space when they are closed. It’s only when we refuse to open them at the end of the ritual that they become stagnant.

  2. A well written piece of prose that paints a poetic picture of our nature. That we are likely to go around in circles, hedonically adapting to our surroundings, becoming comfortable on the throne of our comfort zone, so that nothing ever inspires us to grow, to evolve, and to change into better versions of ourselves.

    I enjoyed reading it, for the imagery was evocative. Not only was I thoroughly entertained, I was also inspired, to aspire, to be a spiral spiraling not out of control but towards my destiny, to go against stagnation, to change, to grow, to evolve.

    My gratitude goes out to you for writing this awesome post. I feel lucky to have read it, my day wasn’t bad before it, but it’s definitely better after reading it.

    • As we get older it sometimes quite young – we form our cliches and groups and don’t really look outside them and it’s a pity because we learn from and are inspired by other people – it’s what helps us grow and heal and reflect and become better humans – atrophy sets in as the circle closes – and what was safe and known becomes a box – so it’s good to leave plenty of space for the new and the other to become part of us and our groups are better for it too.

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