The Fable of Gender

The sky screamed in grief

And fell to earth, where parts of her were captured in puddles

In rivers

And the oceans

The earth cradled her tenderly, wherever he found her scattered pieces


“you are so beautiful, I could spend all day looking at you, and often do”

And gradually her storms subsided, and the sky healed, parted the clouds

She grew vast and blue, stretching from horizon to horizon

Sky picked up the sun and smiled once again

And her laughter became the stars

Her heart the moon

And she returned to her boundless universe above

And the earth sighed and the trees grew taller, the grass more lush, as if all that was rooted in dirt, was in a rush, just to get closer to her

And Sky never forgot her lover

On nights when her heart is full

she sends her love

To bathe in the water

The earth creeps closer

And the wild ducks circle

The frogs raise song

And the lovers meet beyond what anyone who only lives 70 years long, can ever fathom

Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Adam and Eve, earth energy, sky energy, wood energy, water energy, fire energy. We need our counter balance. Unfortunately fables and parables have always (in the majority) been written this way, male and female.

Lately the news is full of women offended by men and men offended by women. We have forgotten perhaps, that true power lies in having both. Neither is better or less than. There is no first and second or stronger or weaker. And there are complete morons and idiots of both genders.

I say this with the caveat that I believe not all male energy is found with a penis attached and not all female energy has breasts. Every single human has a mixture of both yin and yang within. Loving is an energetic exchange first and foremost, the physical body is a just the outer vessel that holds a soul. Therefore (I believe anyway) the counterbalance to any particular human is not necessarily found in the opposite gender but rather within whatever energy their twin soul holds.

If you do not have partner at the moment, you are enough, deeply and endlessly enough, just oscillating within your own divergent energy. And that is why we are given a portion of both as humans.

Personally, I draw on both male and female energy when I’m off adventuring by myself. I relish the earthier energy that comes from having my hands in the dirt, the strength in my shoulders and navigating through tougher situations. I can always clean my fingernails and put on makeup when I get home and become a nurturer of my family again. As a child I was a tomboy but as an adult, I truly enjoy that more feminine way of being too. It takes both, but both of these energies reside within us.

Individually we are enough always, and that should be the goal and the prize. The myth of searching for a person to complete us is just that, a myth. We should strive to complete ourselves. But yes, it’s nice to find someone who “gets” you and you can beat them at scrabble and talk and giggle in the dark, share the hard times and lean into for advice and a different, trusted point of view.

So feel free to swap in any pronoun that suits. For the sake of this poem and because I was thinking of my husband when I wrote it, I chose male and female.

The natural entities are formless nameless genderless – who am I to choose what the sky is, what the earth is, what the mountains and streams and rivers are? Now if we could just realise that human souls are stitched from the same non binary code then we might be getting somewhere.

What I do know, is that nature is in a constant cycle of striving for balance, as the world turns and seasons change, all life forms are born, perhaps pass on their seeds and die. Beneath it all is a love story, one which you and I are part of, because as surely as we love, we are loved in return by something far greater than we can ever name, let alone understand, within our limited life frame.

14 thoughts on “The Fable of Gender

  1. As a man, I can (or should) only speak from the male perspective. I think the majority of male gender problems come when a man denies his feminine side. It leaves the person incomplete and therefore flawed. People need to be much more introspective and understand themselves (or at least try to).

    • I agree whole heartedly Jeff, self reflection is key to living a worthwhile life as Socrates advised “know thyself” trouble is (a) it takes time and effort and patience. It’s damn hard work (b) it’s easier to blame others for our lot in life

  2. This was interesting!
    I currently struggle with being not being “enough”…..
    It is my daily battle.
    However, I know that God IS enough, and, when it comes down to it, that is what matters most and that is where I place my trust!.

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