And I was going to say more

Explain it, unravel it and explore

But then I realised that to do so was just following a thought, which would lead to more


A proliferation of thoughts

And I didn’t want to do that

Just for this moment I wanted to be empty of me

And full of the world

The trees shifting in the wind

A leaf dropping, spinning as it falls, natures ballerina wound up and set to twirl, curling, spiralling to the earth

To let my eyes rest and run away to the horizon

Instead of staring blindly at a screen or pondering some internal conundrum

To let my ears open and full absorb every sound of nature

Not be tuned into a channel, a podcast, or even just someone, talking at me

And to rest my tongue, to become aware of its long lines along the bottom of my mouth, the tip just behind my teeth – resting, with no words sprouting to interrupt its peace

To feel my skin from within but also its boundaries, where it meets the world and is kissed by the breeze, warmed by the sun and tickled by the delicate hum of a flies feet drifting down my arm

So often we become overcome by everything that we are thinking and doing and being

Instead of simply living

Here and now

*as creative beings we can feel constantly “on” , that every idea must be followed and conversely that a lack of ideas, is a barren space that should, ideally be filled.

As seekers of knowledge and truth we feel that every thought or idea, every concept – our own, or others – should be unravelled and explored.

Heads up – it doesn’t, it isn’t, don’t worry about it, let it go, if it’s important, it will come back. But this moment won’t. Don’t be in such a rush to fill it. A note to myself more than anyone else really.

This post moves on from yesterdays and could have been attached then. But I didn’t want to think anymore then, and I don’t now either so for now, that’s enough, have a lovely empty day.

6 thoughts on “Overflowing

  1. Kate, right now I’m in that “barren space” where ideas evade me on how to get started again on my writing project that I put on hold back in March 2021 🙁 Following your advice, I’ll have a lovely empty day 🙂

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