Those Monday Feels and how to get rid of them…

So many hardened hollows

People who swallow rather than say something they really feel

Those who are so bitter in their mouths, the taint hits their conversation as they talk, staining it with faux falsetto

Chopping away the smoother curves of even the gentlest words

Worlds that spin on personal axis connected to singular problems and because problems are all we see

The world is full of problems

And we become buried in them querying “why me?

Yet who else would it be when me is all we see?

So many hollow people

So many narrow worlds

We exist in a universe that is becoming lost in ourselves

Self anointed stars burning out against the dark night of the soul

Born here to learn, yet so quickly numb and full

Why else do we cling to screens as the world burns and floods

Tutting over a drama we blame on someone else

While pulling open drawers and reaching for shelves so full, nothing useful can be found

So we buy another bagful of rubbish to throw away

And clean out the mess of all the wasted decay

It’s like we are drowning in our own filth

And lost in the lies we tell ourselves

Instead of simply turning off and walking away

We are so distracted and entangled in data it may became our new DNA

The next steps of our species bowed in the spine

Myopic of eyes

Uselessly caught up in our own little lives

*sometimes I get so depressed with the direction humans are going. But then I realise that I’m only looking at the issue from one perspective. There are wonderful projects and people doing amazing things in this world and for every atrocity there are a thousand kind and intelligent responses.

When I wake up with “those Monday feels” I try and immediately begin mentally listing what I am grateful for. I go for a run or a bike ride or a swim, I listen to inspiring podcasts, eat good food. The truth is these days I just hate feeling bad feelings and I know I can change them with a bit of effort so why live in a miserable mood?

We are dark and light as a species, but our own negative bias works against us allowing us to see only one side of the coin at times. It is difficult to see the bright side when we have a lot of stress in our lives or we are going through grief or sadness or illness.

Despite any of what is happening to us, our mindset is our responsibility and in fact the only thing we can control. Learning that simple truth and having a few great tools has given me a way out of any Monday feels, no matter what sort of crap is hitting the fan when I walk into my office and believe me lately there has been plenty.

Sigh. Clean the fan, begin again. After all – it is bloody awful feeling bloody awful, so may as well find a way out of that feeling as soon as possible.

If you have the time watch this video by my favourite podcaster Rich Roll, it is excellent and the guests that he has are all great, but the best is last. Tommy Rivers Puzey says it all so beautifully about why we should be hopeful for humanity rather than despairing. Peace.

12 thoughts on “Those Monday Feels and how to get rid of them…

  1. Kate, thanks for this thought-provoking, insightful, and uplifting reflection on where we humans find ourselves when we focus on the negative within ourselves, others, and the world at large.
    I was especially struck by the following lines in your poem: “We exist in a universe that is becoming lost in ourselves // It’s like we are drowning in our own filth / And lost in the lies we tell ourselves.

    • Thanks Rosaliene – I have found it to be true. We are masters of our own fate and although sometimes that seems impossible it is reality. I listened to interviews with Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle and Marianne Williamson and these women are all so full of hope. If we are without hope we are powerless. These wonderful humans also shared many of the great projects and discoveries that are occurring. Mainstream media shows us disaster doom and gloom for click bait – there is always light, we just have to find it and the dark is contrast that makes the light shine even brighter.

  2. Kate, thank you. You so eloquently and poignantly provide the words many of us feel. The data being our DNA…there are many thoughts you have “nailed on the head” about humanity. Like you, I seek the good and it means I need to shut off the technology and seek only that which feeds my soul with hope! There’s so much GOOD out there. I’ve watched members of my own family continuing to display a “sky is falling” attitude. It saddens me. I don’t want to speak of faith and try to live it out only to LOSE it based on the manic behavior of media. I stand with you in cleaning the fan and clinging to hope. 💛♥️💚

      • You’re welcome my friend. That’s so nice to hear. I truly enjoy your writing and thoughts. I’m working on a presentation for parents on early childhood literacy. I have two days of presenting in small groups. It’s utilizing a part of my brain that has not practiced in a while~but I think I’m winning 😊 ,…but feel the fatigue of deep concentration. ♥️ I hope your week is lovely too (especially Monday! ).

      • Haha Tuesday began beautifully – cycle through a fresh landscape and new track with a few challenging hills but the fresh beautiful air on my face on the descents soooo worth the burn. You will be brilliant at presenting your passion – Literacy is so important, ahead lies a lifetime of learning but kids need that skill, so cool they get to hear it from someone like you ⭐️

      • Aw, thank you, Kate! I wish I had my recumbent bike again or could get on two wheels~I understand the burn is so worth it! Way to go! 💪🏻💛😘

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