Feather-light Burdens

This morning I was out walking when I saw a feather moving strangely along the path

An ant was carrying the feather aloft and making astonishingly fast progress

In comparison to the tiny ant, the feather looked large and unwieldy, difficult to carry

Yet it was not, the ant was perfectly capable of carrying the feather, because it was light


We carry so much and do so much in a day that if we were to break down the complexities of our lives and how we carry them we would amaze ourselves. All those inputs, outputs, data, relationships, interconnectedness, tasks, body movements, memories, emotions, and thoughts. Eating, hearing, talking, tasting, smelling, feeling, responding.

All that doing and being

Yet we carry it all relatively easily and never stop to think we are miracles of nature.

We are ants carrying feathers. This tiny slice of an ant’s life was a reminder that even when things look messy and complex and I sigh at the thought of tackling some problem – my capacity as a human being to do so much, feel so deeply and think in a complex manner mean that there is not much that is outside the realm of my ability to deal with it.

9 thoughts on “Feather-light Burdens

    • Thanks Tracy, I loved it when I saw this little ant carrying an unwieldy feather. I’m not sure what it was up to with that feather – an art installation, sun shade, wings for an ant plane – perhaps it was an entrepreneur – who knows? Insects are fascinating little creatures. I love the metaphors and epiphanies that nature provides me with – part of the reason I enjoy my morning walks.

  1. We humans are busy doing and being yet when we can pause and breathe,taking in all the beauty, we can embrace the beauty in the tiniest of things. Like the ant ❤️Nature does indeed show us so much!

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