Aloneness rises from within

What is single

What is pair

And lonely?

It’s always there for those that are at war within themselves

We think that we need a partner to walk this world

Not true

You can have many hands to hold

But until you can hold your own

You will continue to feel alone

*I’ve been thinking about this a lot since Valentine’s Day. There is so much pressure on singles to becomes pairs.

I have a bride who has bought her own house, car, works hard but she would love a relationship.

I think it’s natural to want that partnership, but as someone who spent the first few years of marriage bemused and confused that our relationship was not conforming to those wonderful pictures painted in the romance novels I had so loved growing up – I think our first lover should be ourselves.

Only then do we have anything of value to offer another person and the more we value ourselves, the more we have to offer – I find anyway.

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