Passing approval

Where molecules become air

I will meet you there

Amidst the transformation that occurs

Innocent of our observation

Crinkles of a smile

Appear at the corner of your eyes

And I sigh

Tension passing

Dawn unfurling from night

Begins with colour


But first we lose the stars

We could mourn their passing

Or be grateful for the sun

Knowing it is just a circle



Within everyone

The axis of our worlds

Sometimes existing

Deep within another

Unresolved and conflicted

Until the mood has shifted

But another one comes along

Readily forming moment to moment

As it always does

Gravity is a force stronger than fiction

It is real

As is the addiction implied

In the tactic approval of another’s smile

Lose it

And swirl

Cast adrift

Rise from the abyss

Untethered by the weight

Of another’s opinion

As they filter your actions through the defective sieve

Of their own imagination

Know this

You are not compelled to offer up a reason

For the magic that you float

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