Flying Kites

If sensitive to the less than picturesque ravages of time

The grey hairs

The wrinkles

Outwardly changing

Picture instead this

The unravelling of all constraints which fear has laid upon you

What others might think

Or dread at what might happen


If you simply be and let all that is tightly buttoned and choking

Becoming unfastened

Awakening to the fact that very little is under your control

And therefore letting decisions simply dissolve as most will, if you let them be by themselves long enough

It is not so much a setting down of burdens and responsibilities but a realisation as to what is actually yours to carry




The shadows may be long in the middle of the day, but now they are shortening and the consideration as to waste and futility is mighty

Any mind that is eternally preoccupied with appearance is not located in the highest place

The best and most important place

With age and grace

We move from physical to the spiritual, feel the great unravelling begin

A kite unfurling within

It was always there, simply waiting for the right wind, to carry it higher

I send my soul up the string and she laughs


This is what is meaningful

And that knowledge keeps my feet planted in the earth

I do not wish to have it all again, I donโ€™t think I could do it better or want to do it differently, so what is the point in returning or yearning for some younger time

All of my focus and all of my excitement dwells in that moment ahead which I have not lived before, in a self that I have not yet encountered

Life is endlessly interesting

Happy birthday me ๐Ÿƒโœจ

Header photo is the lighthouse keepers house at Byron Bay, I took the photo on a visit there recently. Itโ€™s on this post because, well we often think of the lighthouse as important (yes I took a photo of that too) but the lighthouse is nothing without someone to attend to its maintenance and care. Death doesnโ€™t worry me, no one gets out of here alive (Jim Morrison Doors) wrinkles certainly donโ€™t worry me – I laugh a lot, and my face is testament to the great love I have for a both a good joke and life itself.

But infirmity does.

Much of the latter is a choice, and those choices are made when weโ€™re younger and can still make a difference to our outcomes.

As I said – itโ€™s a day that marks another trip around the sun for me – these things are top of mind.

Have a lovely day

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