Habit forming

The raindrop strikes the glass and begins to slide down

quite quickly it slides



until it runs out of momentum and pauses


it does not go further


becoming a stain

a memory of rain

I feel that way too sometimes

*It is difficult to enter a day fresh and new. Everything changes in 24 hours. The road I walk this morning, is not the same as yesterday. A windstorm may have dragged a branch down to block the path, herbage is trampled, a dead rabbit hit by a car, a snakes track winding through deep sand. Things have happened that have changed us to, we may have been trampled by events of yesterday, or an entire month of yesterdays. Yet we carry on with so many habitual ways of being and thinking. I do try to tune in to what I’m thinking about on my morning walks. Change things around. It’s difficult to recall that we can be and do anything, when the chores look the same. Yet over time, days just like this – significant alterations can occur. If we spend our days wisely – the future will form from the mould we pour every 24 hours.

The floor board creaks just so, the way it always does as I go to make coffee in the quiet dawning of a new day. I tell myself, each time this board creaks I will try and think – just for a moment – today is a new day, I am new too…

But first, coffee.

Thought for the day – not a big one, more of a whiff of coffee beans grinding really. But that’s okay, incremental and small will get the job done.


Header photo thanks to Nick Fewings Unsplash

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