Look up!

When we are in thought we look down

When thought is in us we look up

Where do thoughts and ideas come from?

Why don’t we act on them with alacrity?

Is it that old humbug fear of scarcity?

And if we do act upon them

Does the universe, rejoicing in the fact it got through

Suddenly speed up and become supportive?

I believe it is so

Never say no

Always go

When those thoughts and dreams come through

*I was running along behind my dogs this morning, looking down at the ground, pondering, but not stuck on any particular thing, when I was startled by an idea. A really good one. Of course I looked up. And this thought about thoughts came in on the heels of the other one.

We look down when thinking within ourselves and nearly always up when when a thought comes from outside – those flashes of inspiration, epiphanies – we look up because we know they don’t come from us. We look up almost searching for where they do come from. I do anyway. But I only noticed this little habit this morning.

And I am the last one to give this advice. Go! Do! Now! So often I overthink a great idea and someone else picks it up before me and runs with it.

We walk around surrounded by air that is full of inspiration and grand plans just waiting to be picked up and run with.

It is courage we lack, not inspiration. But imagine how amazing we could be if we married the two together – plenty of people have done it.

Inspiration plus courage = success

Okay that’s very over simplified I guess but either without the other isn’t going to take you very far either.

If not you, who? If not me? Why?

A few more thoughts on where ideas come from, from more famous minds than mine

Ideas are a disembodied, energetic life-form. They are completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us – albeit strangely. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness, and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.

Elizabeth Gilbert “Big Magic”
Rick Rubin
John Lennon

I wish for you many ideas and inspirations…

Header photo courtesy Kamal Bilal Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Look up!

    • It is funny how we often have the same ideas at the same time. My husband and I are synced that way and will often be tho king about the same thing at the same time. It’s a bit freaky how often one of us will come up with a topic that is truly off the radar and the other will say “I was just thinking that!” life is interesting to be sure

  1. Your posts have been great lately and I saved a few of them to re-read before I get to my writing. Maybe more specific comments as I do that! Maybe your inspiration will rub off on me.

    • Thanks Lynn, inspiration is infectious so I hope I’ve infected you 😁 I took a break from writing on the blog and it allowed me to getni to a rhythm with my book writing, now I’m more able to do both without running out of time or puff. I think it was you last year who mentioned that blog writing could drain your enthusiasm for working on your novel and it struck me that perhaps that was my problem. I think it was. I’m so glad you commented about it back then, it triggered me to try something different.

  2. Interesting thoughts, Kate. ✨ I have never considered or noticed the correlation that you are making. I will give it some thought. 😁 I definitely notice the beautiful sky when I walk in the morning, but I am not sure if my looking up is initiated by a thought, an idea, or if it is my desire to take in the beauty. I may begin to notice what you describe. 🤔 Great quotes!

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