Ask the stars

To know how to live

Don’t ask humans

Ask the stars

I wish I knew them

Many are dead and already gone

And yet their light continues on

Perhaps in that fact

Is the kernel of truth

Live so what you leave burns forward too

Our bodies are fragile and have to die

But who we reach

And how and why

Is the reason we were given life

And if someone a long way away

Sees the glimmer of our life on some distant day

And by it finds a better way

What greater reason could be provided

To live a life less selfishly divided


What is my purpose?

12 thoughts on “Ask the stars

  1. “And yet their light continues on”; long after perceptive humans’ eyes (such as yours) have admired the full magnitude of each star’s nightly performance. Also admirable is how deftly you have translated your astral observations into meaningful verse that, someday (hopefully soon), will prove beneficial to the vast array of stargazers.

  2. Dear Kate, I am so sorry for my absence from your blog recently. I have been going through a series of unpleasant times, including a botched dental surgery procedure, which has left me in awful pain. I’m fighting against it but am taking powerful medication. I have fallen behind with all of my blogging friends’ posts and have missed reading them all. I was sad not to be able to keep up with your work.

    I just love this post you have shared and the thought that the stars’ and our light shines on long after we’ve gone. We hope to be the light for those we leave behind and those who will be in the future when we are no longer here in a conventional sense. I feel it is so important for us to live a loving, gentle and meaningful existence as we know it on our planet in the hope we may remain in the thoughts and feelings of our loved ones, acquaintances and strangers alike. I think it’s our gift and responsibility to pass on to others as much joy, energy, kindness and all those valuable emotions that will help build better and loving people in future generations and further onward.

    I found this post very moving and appreciated much from your valuable words, which are beautifully written. With love, Ellie Xx 🌟💖

    • Thanks for reading Selma – nature brings us back to the timeless wisdom of the universe. Or perhaps when we stop, and look up in awe, wisdom has a chance to catch up with us.

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