Lift off

Hot air released to the clouds

Sighs flying

Breathe in

Breathe out

Disappear from view

Air balloons

Transient moons

Sun comes up

Sun goes down

Memories in between

Inflated by emotions

Land on my mind

Misplaced by others

Photos from my phone capture and recall

Moments as intangible as all those

Hot air balloons

A moment in time

Ahhh I remember

It lives on my phone

Long after it’s passed

Why do we cling to


They were never meant to last

Just hot air baloons


*Header photo taken from out balcony at the Gold Coast Saturday morning. A week-end of beautiful moments with my daughter in law to be and her lovely family of women, choosing a bridal gown – so many heart delivered memories. I didn’t capture any on my phone apart from this one – because they seemed too special to give over to Icloud to store for me. So I keep them in my heart instead. Can’t even trust the head these days. Memories are so easily distorted or forgotten there.

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  1. there’s been a lot of songs about memories: those hot air balloons of though but they are what we draw from in our poems, our art; having said that I can’t think of a single ode to memory —

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