Having the courage to write from the heart

And the words come to greet me

Yet I cannot write them down

I am scared of what they reveal

Even as I refuse

They wait

Stagnating at the front of my mind

The back of my throat

The tip of tongue

They block everything

Until no further words come


From wherever words spring from

Nothing arriving

At the end of my fingertips

The keyboard falls silent

And a fog falls


An anguished sadness perpetuates

And suddenly I realise

There is nothing worse than feeling like this

Who cares what anyone thinks

If my own mind turns foe

There is nowhere to run too

Nowhere to go

That it isn’t

Inhabited by me

And this voice

Telling me

Write this


*I write from the heart, it is the only way I know, the only way I am interested in writing and the only way that I can actually carry out my craft

If I try to edit my way around a tricky topic – I’ll just block myself into a corner

Some people may wonder – why write from such a personal place and I understand – some of my posts are fairly revealing – why do that?

The thing is – on that day – that is what arose – so that is what I wrote

If I try to write something different I will end up with diluted clap trap – every time and why bother posting diluted clap trap?


2020 here I come, with another year of heartfelt posts

Thank-you to all the wonderful people who have connected with me so far and continue to read my daily posts

WP Reader is dodgy and I haven’t been as on the ball with my reading lately but I’m getting to that over the next few days and look forward to catching up with where everyone else is at.

Have a great day ๐Ÿ’–

25 thoughts on “Having the courage to write from the heart

  1. Love love love! The absolute vulnerability and honesty reflected in this piece. Your writing is brave–although it is frightening to write like this. Love seeing it–thank you for existing here beside me in this space <3

    • Thanks Shayleene – Itโ€™s a lovely space isnโ€™t it. I like to imagine blogland as a large cafe, high ceilings, lots of light – green plants everywhere and great friendly interesting people at each table that you pull up alongside and have a chat to for a little while. I love hearing what you have to say – you write so powerfully and the images come plonking into my brain and then I carry them away with me, tucked under my wing like a gift.

  2. Writing from the heart does require courage. As a writer of fiction and non-fiction, I have found the poetic form the best way for me to express my most sensitive, personal experiences and emotions.

  3. I love this! My blog is personal and from a heartfelt place, so I appreciate such writing/sharing.

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