The long conversation

When you’re quiet

And you’ve done the work

Your mind is at rest

You’re focused

And there is someone in the room

Just making aimless conversation

If you tune in

Whilst still remaining quiet

It is annoying

And you realise

So much of what we say and converse about

With some people

Strangers usually or acquaintances that aren’t really deep friends

Is just gibberish

The weather



It’s just noise

What’s worse though

Is when there is no one in the room

And the conversation


*Meditation is the most amazing experience but being aware of just how much crap the mind talks about

Is shocking

You can try and resist it but it will never work

I heard that solution likened to holding a beach ball and shoving it under water – it just keeps popping back up

It’s almost wrecked my poetry writing of late – as you can tell

Or you probably can’t as I schedule ahead but actually haven’t written anything in a week

Because I don’t want to encourage the voice to start talking again

I’m hoping that soon – things will settle down

I was reminded of this the other day in pottery class. I was focused and concentrating on my piece. All around me was this conversation flow and it was irritating because of the inanity.

Just noise for the sake of noise or so it seemed – which is harsh

But after so long spent mostly in my own company

It just felt shockingly garish and unnecessary

It reminded me of when I tune in or become aware of that inner dialogue – usually when I’m trying to shut it up

I’ve never been able to successfully meditate before. Now I can, for fair passages of time and certainly enough to find stillness and peace.

The insights and little epiphanies are like fish lulled into complacency that come nibbling around the edges of my brain

Blissful stuff


I need to write so I hope that comes back soon

Header photo: just a races snap from above.

9 thoughts on “The long conversation

  1. In some ways, introverts have it easier in avoiding pointless chit chat. People who know us don’t expect us to speak unnecessarily. But maybe it’s a converse relationship : external quiet, but more internal chatter. Maybe the extroverts have less going on inside because they’re so busy speaking…

    Anyway…great observations.

    And don’t force the writing. There shouldn’t be pressure for that, otherwise it becomes a burden instead of a gift.

    • That’s something I never considered. Yes, perhaps there is more internal chatter. Meditation – second week – brilliant stuff. My internal chatter has settled down considerably and it’s amazing the clarity it brings for what is really quite a small time allowance.

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