Chaos happens for a reason

Be careful of the confident step

The overloud voice that says

You’re headed in the right direction

Beware of the puffed chest

The broad smile

The straight line

Clear picture

No hesitation

Left or right?





Beware of the robust, the simply must!

The superlative

The hyperbole

The ad speak ad nauseoum

Be wary of the neat package

The known route

The well trodden path

With steel capped boots

(You do know that while they may protect you

They won’t prevent treading on other feet,

Other toes?)



Look out for strings that end in decorative bows

And gardens that grow flowers

In orderly rows

Everything weeded

Nothing left

To run to seed and feed another season

Beware of the direction to turn into a designated space

Nothing is wild

Everything is safe

Be very cautious of tall things that cast no shadow as you climb them

Lest you become shadowless too

Beware of finish lines that don’t exhaust you

Take everything you’ve got to give


When you settle for less

There is no edge

To the easy chair

Nothing to make you get out of it again


The horizon is but a comforting blur in the distance

Naught to worry about

A calm and cultured existence

No bees to sting


No pollination in progress

The winds of change

Putter out at your front gate

You have consigned yourself to a sensible fate

No fear

No anxiety ridden folly ahead

You are halted


A cautious person proud of your lot

Lack of failures

Stupid mistakes



A whisper of unease appears

For legs can be severed

At the knees

Listen deep


Chaos happens for a reason

*My first novel is complete and as of last Friday even accepted by a publisher

I tried to deny the flicker of unease this presented

Isn’t this what I wanted?

It’s taken me till Sunday (today) to work out what my inner voice was all but shouting about.

I’ll backtrack

When one of my sons was just a little boy he came home with a project to do for homework

Much excitement ensued.

I love a good project.







I looked at my son – he was sad, confused.

I had taken over his project.

I quietly handed the reins back but it wasn’t the same

I swore to myself then

I had learnt my lesson

Clearly I hadn’t

A few years ago a small feisty imaginary friend arrived in my writing.

Her name was Stripy and she told me her story. I loved it. I wrote a short story with her as my character and won a prize in a writing competition.

When looking for my first novel with which I wanted to target a certain age group I immediately thought I could continue Stripy’s story – she had more to tell.

The thing is because I really wanted to make this a “great project, a “successful venture”

I completely took over her story and wrote a lovely safe little tale that would sell easily and well to mainstream

Wasn’t that sensible?

Yeah maybe but it’s not her story

Stripy is far from safe and her story is more important then the ego trip I wanted to take as a published author

Safe kids are not the audience I even wanted to reach

And they certainly aren’t the sort that Stripy hoped to help


Despite a contract for my tidy little book close to hand and ready for the signing

I’m doing the right thing

Because chaos happens for a reason

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32 thoughts on “Chaos happens for a reason

  1. A wonderful piece if writing! I thought it was heading one way and then you turned it another! Very satisfying!
    Oh and you should get a new pair of trainers 😉

  2. I’ve subscribed to that basic sentiment most of my life… it’s impossible to totally tell good circumstances from bad because all is interconnected, woven into a fabric, or braided into an eternal chain, and both perceptions are misleading. Things are never black and white and all that they seem. Not ever. However, that doesn’t mean that the short term bad and the short term chaos aren’t still horrible at the time. Nazi Germany comes to mind, Russia under Stalin, Mao. Other totalitarian regimes, religious atrocities–too many to count. Governments never perfect, only “best possible” perhaps. Eventually “better” came out of that chaos, maybe, and maybe influenced the world for the better for a while. But that kind of chaos is still something best avoided if at all possible. Groups and parties and clubs always to be questioned. But still, we never reach any of the good in our lives without having passed through the bad. And that brings some comfort. A reminder. Nice post. I’m off for a couple more days.

  3. “Nothing is wild
    Everything is safe
    Be very cautious of tall things that cast no shadow as you climb them
    Lest you become shadowless too
    Beware of finish lines that don’t exhaust you”-Kate Duff
    I get this. All of it. Congratulations on your contract! I’m so proud of you. Finding you has inspired me. And this week….was chaos through celebration. And my fingers have typed hard at work. And my mind won’t “settle”-yet, I don’t want it to “settle”. I’m in a funk and your piece is advising me. Love it! Thank you!

    • As writers we are incredibly blessed to choose why we leave behind us. I think we get caught up to easily in the sell nature of publishing our work – why wouldn’t we? My husband is shaking his head at me for changing my mind and my book but…A writers got to do what a writers got to do. Think I just needed to reach the finish line to know I could do it – now I’ve got to back track. None of us know what we are doing so may as well follow the only guide book that speaks to me (and just happens to come out when I write poetry) thanks for your lovely comment and glad to be of inspiration – we light each other’s little candles when they blow out – the beauty of a community of writers and bloggers. ✍️🦋❤️

  4. Things break down or ho South for a reason. What’s destined to be yours will always happen. There are no straight lines in life. Whatever is being extracted from your life is meant to make room for something greater to occur. Hugs my friend 💜

  5. Oh I love this, I was scanning quickly to see what happened, yes, I believe chaos can happen for a reason too and good on you for choosing to write your way ❤️

  6. This is, truly, a beautiful guide for life.
    “Beware gardens that grow flowers
    In orderly rows
    Everything weeded.”
    That especially struck me. Sometimes we weed our gardens thinking we have to, failing to see the beauty and authenticity in the chaos. Cheers to embracing the chaos! Congrats on your book, too ❤️

  7. Nice one, Kate and many congratulations on publishing your book. So happy for you, you must be excited. I’m reminded of Jordan Peterson’s theory that maximum existence is achieved somewhere between order and chaos.

    • Hi Len, hope you had a lovely week-end, thanks for the congratulations but I have to do some substantial rewrites before I’m happy with the book. I think I needed to get to the end point yo know it was there, now I need to back track a little.

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